Cloth Diapers! I know what you are thinking old big size handkerchief that is wrapped around the baby butt with the help of safety pins.
Well, that is not what I am talking about.

It is not the same diaper that grandma made it. We are talking about new school diaper is more comfort, absorbent, easy to use and washable.

As some might have already familiar with modern cloth diapers whether you switch to cloth diapers because of the worried about the environment or because they are cheap whatever it maybe you did a great job.

However, if you still not aware of the benefits of Cloth diapers are not a fan of cloth diapers. Then continue reading this you might consider a switch to cloth diapers.

Before to jump to benefits! I want you to know; before I was not a great fan of Cloth diapers but something changed me to switch, here I am going to share what I have learned.

Let’s get into the topic

Cloth Diapers are Eco-friendly :

In today’s world people wants everything to be easier and instant. From coffee to disposal Baby diapers it looks like hard work become out fashioned.

But now most of the people realized easier are not better, they come with greater price. That’s true there is no exception for disposal diapers as well.
I understand that disposal diapers are easy you don’t have to clean the mess that your little one did all you have is to just through the dirty diapers out and change the new one. But you know what more 28 billion diapers are filling the land every year.
Think about the number of diapers dumping every year. 8 billion pounds of paper is covering the land.

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The latest report shows 30% of non-biodegradable waste is disposal diapers. On the other hand think of the tree, chemical, petroleum used to make these diapers. However, when it comes to Cloth Diapers, they eco-friendly, reusable and biodegradable as well.

Cloth Diapers are Affordable :

Well, lot of pregnant mom’s out there will think about what their baby likes and the necessary things you need for your new member in your family. And eventually worried about the money spends on buying these things.

Like other mom, if you didn’t have big cash flow it sure is a problem for you to buy disposal diapers. An average newborn uses 2,700 diapers a year it would cost around 40,500(based on the average price of R.S. 15 per disposal diaper.
When you consider buying premium diapers it would even cost 60,000+ for a year.
However, you don’t have to be worried about cloth diapers they are very cheaper when compared to the disposal Diapers. You can use these cloth diapers as much as you want them until you feel it’s time to change.

Cloth Diapers are More Absorbent :

Ok, most of you sure going to disagree with me! But it’s ok.

The days are gone where cloth diapers are messy and don’t absorb well. Now day’s cloth diapers come in different absorbent layers. You can totally rely on cloth diapers nowadays.

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As most of the parents now felt they new cloth diapers are more absorbent and they don’t have to change the diapers in the middle of the night, cause it contains fewer disposals.

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Cloth Diapers are Chemical Free :

Have you wondered how these Disposal diapers are absorbing your little one’s pee poop instantly? No wonder these diapers are made with some harmful chemical substance like

  • Sodium Polyacrylate
  • Phthalates
  • Dioxin
  • Tributyl Tin

These chemical substances have linked to many negative health outcomes

As a mother you don’t want your baby butt to be wrapped with these chemicals right!!

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They switch on to Cloth diapers, these diapers are free from chemical and as well as comfortable. You don’t have to worry about the side effects or anything. Cloth diapers are 100% chemical-free.
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Cloth Diapers Reduces Diaper Rashes :

Diaper Rashes one of the worst nightmares of any new parents. As you started using Disposal Diapers there are chances your baby might get rashes.

These are the factors which cause baby rashes using Disposal diapers.

  • Moisture in the Skin
  • Not Frequent Changes of Diapers
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Exposed to the chemical in the Diapers
  • Yeast Infection

When you are comparing with Cloth diapers because fewer breakouts on your babies butt reason are

  • Cloth diapers is frequently changed reason is if your baby gets wets he/she might let you know. Moreover, these diapers are reusable parents don’t have empty their pockets every time.
  • Unlike disposal diapers, these diapers are 100% chemical-free. Therefore result in less chance of irritation.
  • Cloth diapers are more comfy and breathy which means your baby skin will be dry.
  • These Cloth diapers are made with natural cloths instead of the plastic used in the disposal diapers, therefore, fewer chances of irritation.

Cloth diapers are Cute :

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Unlike disposal diapers, Cloth diapers come in various patterns and colors. You don’t have stick to same old white diapers anymore. And also these diapers come in various materials like cotton, bamboo and hemp. Therefore you are left with various choices to choose from.

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A cloth diaper is a reusable diaper made of fabric that you can wrap around your baby’s bottom with a help of Velcro closure, snap button or hook and loop closure and it holds baby’s poop and urine in place. When soiled, you can just wash the cloth diaper and dry it and reuse it, unlike the disposable diapers which need to be thrown away so these cloth diapers are more eco-friendly.

Most of the parents know the Natural implications of using disposable diapers, many resist using cloth diapers thinking it is a lot of work. Well, let’s be honest. Cloth diapers are not easy as disposables diapers, because you obviously have to wash and dry them, while you can just chuck out disposables into the bin after use. Thanks to newer materials being used for making cloth diapers and inserts, maintaining them is just like maintaining our other clothes.

diaprCloth Diapering For Newborns

Everyone knows that newborns baby needs soft diapers almost throughout the day. During this period, using a diaper cloth may be a little bit difficult to manage. Not to mention, you might require a huge stash of diapers. Secondly, a newborn’s skin is super sensitive. So, if you use the regular cloth diapers the baby is quite likely to develop rashes and somehow fail to notice that the diaper insert is wet or soiled

Here are Some Best types of Cloth Diapers are there,

  • Super Bottoms
  • Bumberry
  • Easy Feel
  • Flat Cloth Diapers
  • Pocket Diapers
  • Hybrids
  • Prefolds
  • Diapers Covers

clothSuper Bottoms

The first thing that catches your attention about Super bottoms is its bright bold DESE prints Once you start to use it, you are equally impressed with its functionality too. Super bottoms have pocket diapers as well as AIOs that come in two sizes- newborn and free size. The newborn size is suitable for babies up to 3 months, while the free size diapers can be used for baby’s weight from 5 to 17 kg as its snap closure diaper can be adjusted for a proper fit as the baby grows.


Bumberry is also available for small size newborns and a free size suitable for babies up till the age of 36 months. Bumberry has two varieties of inserts made from microfiber and natural bamboo. The inserts have to be changed every 4-6 hours, while the outer cover can be used for about 12 hours after wiping off the inner portion. A drawback, however, is that Bumberry diapers cannot be used for extended night-time use unless you use a hemp booster.

Easy Feel

Easy Feel sells one size fits most cover outer and inserts separately. Their outer cover and pocket diapers are made by Thermoplastic Polyurethane Laminated (TPUL), while the inner lining is made of absorbent micro-suede. They sell the inserts which made of blended hemp cotton (55% Hemp and 45% Cotton), bamboo charcoal fleece and unbleached cotton. While insert made of hemp can be used for night time use, and cotton inserts can be used for 4-5 hour stretches.

cloth diaprFlat Cloth Diapers

These are the standard cloth diapers we grew up wearing. Flat Cloth Diaper is necessary cloth pieces that can be folded and pinned in multiple ways. It Dries very quickly, even on the clothesline. Can be a good system for camping and other uses where hand-washing and line-drying are necessary and Folds can be customized for your baby’s size and your fit preferences. It is Super-easy to clean — a single layer of fabric to rinse out.

Pocket Diapers

They are a combination of prefolds and diaper covers rolled by one. In this type of diaper, there is a pocket with‘stay dry’ polyester or micro-suede lining inside so you can be inserted the absorbent pad. It had certain types of pocket diapers tend to be a bulky and poor fit.


They are similar to pocket diapers, but with the extra option to insert even disposable diaper pads in it, in addition to cloth diapers, essentially giving you the flexibility is there to use the best of both worlds in one diaper system.

Most of the parents were choose the hybrid way using cloth diapers at home and disposables while going out. Because going hybrid is easier and motivating at the beginning rather than trying exclusively cloth diaper.


These are already folded and stitched, with multiple layers of clothing to increase the absorption.

Prefolds are natural and it very absorbent, but need a waterproof cover to complete the diapering system, since they are not water-proof on their own.

diapperDiapers Covers

They are plastic covers that you can fit over a cloth diaper with a Velcro fastening. This will ensure that the diaper will not leak. You do not need to change the diaper cover as often as the cloth diapers. If you were concerned about cleaning poop from a cloth diaper, then use a flushable liner for the cloth diaper.

Best cloth diapers for babiesUseful Cloth Diapering Tips

There is NO perfect cloth diaper. Each baby is different and each baby will have a different level of comfort with each brand. A brand that is perfect for your Neighbours baby may not be suitable at all for your baby Follow the wash instructions carefully. Every first-time use of the diaper washes it gently. Diapers have to be washed mostly 6-8 times before they attain full absorbency. If you are concerned about the cleaning poop from the cloth diaper, then use a flushable liner for the cloth diaper. Cloth diaper has benefits of Effective and Comfortable, More Economical, Reusable, Healthier as they do not contain any chemical absorbent like in disposable diapers. Whichever reason is motivating and advantage for you; there are multiple benefits of cloth diapering. This guide will show you all the great things about cloth diapers