Well, you’re excited about your newborn?  Congrats! Whether you are your partner is pregnant there is nothing like welcoming your new member to your family.
Coming to the point newborn have different eat and sleep cycle they Poop and peep all the time you need to be frequently changing their diapers. Therefore it is essential to have diapers on your checklist.
Ok diapers!! It leads to another question what type of Diapers?

Disposal diapers? Cloth Diapers?

Well this is totally subjective form my advice cloth diapers are really the best choice for the little ones they are cute, comfortable and less expensive compared to disposal diapers.
If you are choosing Cloth diapers then you must be wonder can these diapers used for newborn!!

Cloth Diapers Online, Reusable Baby Cloth Diapers in india

Answer is yes!! Cloth diapers are the best substitute for chemical-filled disposal diapers. These cloth diapers come in One Size which means one diaper can adjust to fit of babies at any size approximately ranging from 5 – 35 lb and also newborn fit that is specially made for newborn snuggly fit.

Although if you are planning on using cloth diaper from the beginning you must be worried about the baby first meconium poop as it may leave a stain in your cloth diapers. Well, newborn poop absolutely makes stain but they can be easily washed let it dry in the sun will make the strain disappear.

There are also several reasons I think cloth diapers are a better choice for a newborn then disposal diapers and they are

Investment :

They have an excellent re-selling value if you choose to buy newborn clothes, in contrast to one size. So you will make a good deal of your money back if you are not expecting another kid, nor have extras you do not want to save. Why are newborn clothes easier to sell? It’s not because they’re small and adorable. Many moms are reluctant to spend a lot of money on a newborn stash, so by buying the used ones instead of new ones they cut corners. It makes sense to have something brand new for a cover that is going to be used from 10 pounds to a baby’s age. Used conditions for only one month are good enough for a cover.

Perfectly Suits your Baby Sensitive Skin:

baby cloth diapers in india

The skin of the newborn is delicate and soft. Fluffy, comfortable small clothes diapers seem like the perfect way to spare a small floor! This may not be a very persuasive reason for some mothers, but it matters for me. I love the idea of little, soft clothes, instead of cracking those on my newborn. Moreover they are 100% chemical free and your babies have less chance of getting rashes or infection.

Output :

Your doctor would always want to know how often your baby pee and poops. And new mothers are worried about the amount of milk their child gets. It is hard to say the how many time your little one have wet the diapers, As the disposal diapers comes in  super absorbent material. With cloth diapers you can easily track down the news born blowout.

Cloth provide a perfect Fit :

disposal cloth nappy pads, buy low cost cloth diapers online

Real elastic sliders create a true difference in fit and efficiency. The better the diapers fits, the better it maintains all yucky things your baby blows out.   Blowouts from newborns may be epic; cloth diapers are up to the job. Cloth saves you continually from washing baby clothes with fewer accidents.

Changing Sizes:

My baby starts to change sizes quickly. I don’t like spending cash on lone cable sliders and then having them sit on a shelf. Fortunately, newborn slides might last beyond the newborn phase. You can use one size diapers for your babies all diaper time. Thus it reduces the cost of finding the right size disposal diapers that fit your baby growing needs. If you are looking for best one-size cloth diapers then check out this link


Trips to the Store :

Finally! We had a baby in the house the first time and nobody had to panic to run to the shop every time the diapers ran out! With cloth diapers you can use them as much as you want until you fell ok it is time to change a new one.

Cuteness :

This factor cannot be denied. A lovely baby in a tiny cloth diaper is simply adorable to watch. Cloth diapers come in many attractive colours and pattern which add you little one beauty. Additional they cloth diapers also come in various materials like cotton, hemp, bamboo you can choose as per your babies need.

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