Wash and Care Instructions


  • To Achieve optimal softness and absorbency all our cloth diapers should be prewashed once before use.
  • Most detergents on the markets will leave a residue on your diapers that will affect absorbency and cause odors on your diaper and rashes on your baby’s skin.
  • Use baby friendly mild detergents.


1. Remove solid waste from the diaper, before washing cycle
2. Either hand wash or machine wash.
3. Use Mild detergents.(For powder detergents dissolve in hot water before adding to diapers)
4. Never use Bleach, Fabric softeners as it affects absorbency of the inserts.
5. Wash on hot or cold


  • Hang your cloth diapers to dry on dry on dryer on low.
  • If you have access to sunlight, utilise as it could be the natural sterilizer and getting rid of stains.
  • **Routine drying your diapers on dryer may shorten life of your diaper.

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