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Apple Blossoms Diaper Covers are Economical Diapers which can be used for 200+Washes. We have 2 Sizes OneSize and Newborn. These covers are very easy to use. It can be reused till diapers are soiled. It is a quick dry diaper which usually dries up in couple hours time. Outer Cover is waterproof which prevents leaks. It can be used with Pre-folds or with AB inserts, Fitted diapers.



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Apple Blossoms Diaper Covers are made to be used over Prefold diapers, fitted or Flats. Wrap your baby around with Apple Blossoms Diaper Covers which ensures leak proof. We have 2 Sizes with Diaper Covers Newborn and OneSize. NewBorn Covers can be used from 2-8 kgs. One Size Covers can be used for all your baby’s diapering years. One Size Cover fits babies from 5 kgs- 17+Kgs.


  • Can be reused by changing Prefolds/Inserts until the diapers are soiled.
  • Sizing is adjustable with snaps.
  • Waterproof covers prevent leaks.

How To Use:

  • Adjust front snaps to desired size
  • Secure over an absorbent cloth diaper
  • Can Reuse the Cover by changing Inserts/Prefolds if not soiled

Wash & Care Instructions:

  1. Cold rinse.
  2. Tumble or line dry.

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NewBorn, OneSize


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