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Apple Blossoms OneSize All-In-One Style Diapers with 2 Stay-Dry Inserts (Bamboo-cotton Inserts)

The Apple Blossoms Cloth Diapers are made with Soft Microfleece- Stay-Dry Inner, 8 Layers of Bamboo Cotton Inserts and combined with Water-proof Outer Cover. The Super-Absorbent Inserts are made with Super soft, Natural and GOTS Certified Bamboo Cotton Fabric. Each Insert is lined with one layer of Microfleece Fabric and the soaker fabric with 4 Layer Bamboo Cotton Fabric. Adjustable Snap Buttons to fit according to baby’s size. The OneSize Diapers fit babies from 5-17+ Kgs. If you need something smaller please look for Newborn Size Diapers All in One Style.

Product Details:

  • Our Diapers are Reusable Diapers which can go for 250+Washes.
  • Specially Designed for Indian Babies with Trimmer Crotch area of just 5”.
  • Gentle Elastics around legs and waist prevent leaks.
  • Instruction Booklet will be Included.



  • ✅ Perfect Size: One Size All-in-One Style Diapers can stay dry for 7+Hrs. Recommended for Night-time Diapering.
  • ✅ Adjustable: One Size Diaper can be resized with adjustable snaps across Waist and Legs. Fits babies from 3 months – 3 years.
  • ✅ Ultra Absorb Care: It comes with 2 Natural Bamboo Cotton Inserts combined with Stay-Dry inner and Water-proof Outer. Absorbent Insert snaps in on one side and is sewn in on the other for faster drying.
  • ✅ Highly Appreciated: Apple Blossoms Cloth Diapers has prudently designed by getting feedback of many mothers across India, to give the best Comfort and Fit for babies.
  • ✅ Feel Free to Contact Us: Join our Facebook Circle for service related queries and reviews by searching Apple Blossoms Diapers. Learn Cloth Diapering Basics and master it.

Additional information

Weight 250 g
One-Size All-in-One

Size Chart


Size Weight Age
OneSize(All-in-One) 3-18kgs 0-3 years

Wash & care


  • To achieve optimal softness and absorbency all our cloth diapers should be prewashed once before use.
  • Most detergents on the markets will leave a residue on your diapers thatwill affect absorbency and cause odors on your diaper and rashes on your baby’s skin. Use baby friendly mild detergents.


  • Remove solid waste from the diaper, before washing cycle.
  • Either hand wash or machine wash.
  • Use Mild detergents.(For powder detergents dissolve in hot water before adding to diapers).
  • Never use Bleach, Fabric softeners as it affects absorbency of the inserts.
  • Wash on hot or cold.


  • Hang your cloth diapers to dry on dry on dryer on low.
  • If you have access to sunlight, utilise as it could be the natural sterilizer and getting rid of stains.

**Routine drying your diapers on dryer may shorten life of your diaper.


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