Baby Friendly

We Apple Blossoms very clear in choosing the best out of the products and ensure to be gentle on baby skin. We designed our product that any mom could feel easier and confident to use on their babies, a brand that you recommend to your friends.


Our diapers are very liberate and light on your pocket. A family on average spends over 30000 rupees for a baby on disposable diapers. Cloth Diapers are cheap isn’t??

Planet Friendly

A disposable will sit on a landfill for over 500 years. The Environmental footprint on disposable is staggering. A Cloth diaper can be used over again and again and again.


Using Cloth diapers makes your baby’s skin healthiest and rash free. Reusability of cloth diapers makes the environment clean and safe.
So we Apple Blossoms, always follow “Be Good, Do Good and Stay Good

Cute Prints

We Apple Blossoms team made sure to give unique prints for the beautiful bums. Each print is chose and designed with lot of creativity. Check with our products!

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