Cloth Diapers Online | Need for Cloth Diapering?

So you’re thinking about eco-friendly cloth diapering world, Cheers! Cloth Diapering aren’t just easy on environment, they are easy on your baby and on wallet too! The wonderful invention to eliminate disposables at the same time giving a waterproof diapering system with cloth is the modern cloth diapering system. Apple Blossoms Cloth diapers are just as easy to change as a disposable and as easy to maintain. And not to forget with Fashion, we have come up with beautiful prints and handpicked range of VIBGYOR colors, and for sure you’re going to love the beautiful little bums.

Why choose Cloth Diapers?

Key Features

Good for baby

Depending on the brand of disposable diapers, it contains harmful chemicals like DIOXIN which is used for bleaching disposables, The US Environmental protection agency has termed it as a human carcinogen. The super absorbent gel(AGM) which is Sodium Polyacrylate that allows your baby go long periods in one diaper is linked with allergic reactions, childhood asthma and a decrease in sperm count for boys. Still studies and researches are going, why risk it with babies, still many moms find disposable cause more diaper rashes.
We Apple Blossoms Cloth diapers
manufacture the best, sustainable diapers for your baby. We sew each product with excellent care and test approach. It allows better airflow and its absolutely baby friendly. And its less prone to diaper rashes.

Good for Environment

Disposable diapers are destined for the landfill where they sit for over 500 years. Depending on the research and case studies, one baby approximately requires 2000-3000 diaper changes until they are potty trained. The production, distribution and disposal of these diapers leaves a staggering footprint on our planet, In addition it also eliminates green house gases throughout the process of handling disposables, which happens over and over again.Cloth diapering babies tend to potty train soon than baby’s on disposable, as they feel light wetness when they pee. Apple Blossom Cloth Diapers online provides next generation cloth diapers and accessories that are designed and made entirely in India. Our cloth diapers keep the infant dry and comfortable. No wreckage, no leaky, no stink diapers. Cloth diapers are additionally better for the environment.

Good for You too! Its Economical

Assuming your child potty trains around the age of 3, you will change more than 2000 diapers. That adds unto 30,000 rupees. When compared with our brand diapers, a stash of Cloth diapers costs you only 7000-8000 rupees. Far cheaper right! And additionally its sustainable(It can be reused on a second child, Good, isn’t it?)

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